How To Enroll

Getting started with InvestorKeep is easy and if you’ve done any kind of online banking or shopping, will be very straightforward.


After you sign up, InvestorKeep will send you an email with a link for you to confirm your email address. This link expires after a brief period of time to thwart anyone using the link if they gain access to your email account.


Clicking the confirm email link will securely send you to the first step in the enrollment process; entering your profile information including your mobile phone number (an important part of securing your account).


After you’ve entered your personal information and chosen a strong password, InvestorKeep will have you “verify your mobile number” by sending a one time passcode which you will need to enter to continue with your enrollment. By verifying your number, your account is now able to use two factor authentication as an extra layer of protection (and we give you the option to disable this extra layer of security at anytime in your Security settings).


Now that your profile information has been verified and encrypted in our platform, you’ll need your login information for your various financial accounts (banking, brokerage, investment, etc.). InvestorKeep partners with Yodlee, a trusted and secure financial data aggregation company used throughout the financial industry, to link your accounts.

When linking accounts, you can pick from highlighted financial institutions or do a search for your own. While most accounts link right away, some institutions and accounts may take longer than others. Some institutions have more than one listing (for example, TD Ameritrade has a variety of potential websites for customer access.). Pick the one that seems right to you (having a statement with you may help this step). If your account information can’t be found chances are it’s listed under a different site than the one you chose.

It’s important to add all your financial accounts.
InvestorKeep can’t alert you to challenges with accounts that aren’t linked.


After you’re finished linking accounts, once you setup payment, your finished with enrollment! You’re now getting financial monitoring and analysis not available anywhere else: with no sales calls, advertisements, or fear your data is being sold.

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