How it works

Keeping track of your money shouldn't be so complicated.

InvestorKeep gives you an easy way to monitor investments helping you earn more, keep more, and live more.

Fee monitoring

Stay in the know with 24/7 fee monitoring.

Know exactly how much you are paying in fees for all of your financial services.

  • Learn what other institutions are charging customers like you so you’ll never overpay on service fees again
  • Get notified immediately of any change in fees
  • Our preformatted templates let you share alerts directly with your financial professional, saving you time and money.

Invest smarter with alerts and analytics.

Be alerted when your investments are no longer the right fit.

  • Have your investments analyzed for financial and market performance
  • Get real-time alerts when your investment risk changes and could impact your returns
Understand your finances
maximize your return

Understand your financial position and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Use our financial monitoring service for information your statements won’t show you.

  • View all of your accounts and your financial standing on our comprehensive dashboard
  • Have all financial activity monitored for proper account management
  • Gain financial knowledge allowing more proactive and strategic conversations with your financial professionals to minimize tax liability, manage risk, and meet your long-term goals.