Empower customers, grow assets, and increase revenue.

Our financial platform strengthens your customer relationships, provides valuable competitive intelligence, and protects against predatory fintech and robo banks.

Financial institutions are at an increased risk of losing business due to their lack of digital solutions. Don’t let this happen to you!

88% of financial institutions feel threatened that they’ll lose revenue to robo banks and standalone fintech. -PWC

Build customer trust

Build Customer Trust

Highlight the value of your bank, strengthen customer relationships and increase your competitive edge.

Enhance relationships

Enhance Relationships

InvestorKeep® Program Partners can become their customer’s trusted advisor on AHA.

Grow assets under management

Grow AUM

Utilize our innovative platform to increase revenue and grow assets with customer account insight.

Protect and grow your client relationships by empowering customers with financial monitoring solutions.

Start growing your AUM, increase retention, and attract AHA today.


Communicate to your customers the value you add with our marketing templates


Receive shared alerts from customers for increased retention


Obtain monthly competitive intelligence reports for areas of opportunity